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VongGontaHaus  is a small hobby kennel   located in Hudson County, in Northern New Jersey. We have World Class German Shepherd Puppies for sale in the North East for both companionship and for IGP sport work and personal protection work.  We serve the NYC metro area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania but also other states as well.  We sell standard coated German Shepherd puppies, with a hip and elbow guarantee.  We only produce one or two litters per year and we train our own dogs and compete with them.  They are also our family pets. We socialize all our dogs with household noises, children and other activities to make them well adjusted. Our breed of German Shepherd dogs come from German and Netherlands bloodlines directly imported from Europe, or only one generation removed from European blood. We focus primarily on West  German working lines,   We do not breed the A.S.L (the American Showline) or the West German high lines. Our dogs are not just champion Working Blood Lines but they come from some of the finest kennels in the Netherlands and Germany. Please see our Ancestors page to understand the foundation dogs in our bloodlines.

 We are firm believers that the care given these pups during the early weeks of their life and thereafter is key to assuring sound, balanced adult dogs later in life.  We believe that the "Super Dog Puppy Program" and other puppy enrichment in home raised puppies creates the ideal and well socialized dog.

This is the 3 time German Champion, Jucan von Peroh
This is the 3 time German Champion, Jucan von Peroh

Why buy your next German Shepherd Dog from us?


European Bloodlines in the U.S


 My name is Alex Gonta and since the 1980's, when I was a teenager, I've been studying this breed.  I came away with the impression that although there are many German Shepherds for sale,  it's pretty hard to find a good one. What is a "good one" you ask?   A dog that doesn't have the overly angulated rear you see in the American Showline. A dog that shows courage and fearless in protecting its owner.  A dog that bonds closely and is well integrated into its family. A dog that a burglar will run from but a child can hug.  A dog that shows no fear, but yet, is the biggest ham and couch potato when it's around it's family. We feel that European dogs have retained more characteristics of this breed and American showlines and other showlines since World War II have lost much of this breed's genetic ability. We thus feel we need imported dogs. Our German Shepherd puppies are from great parents. You are essentially buying the bloodline of the breeder's dogs you chose. Our breeding program is based on the 3 things shown below:

Our program is based on 3 Things:

Proven Temperment

German Shepherd Puppies

We believe in raising German Shepherd Dogs that are from working bloodlines, that have excellent nose, courage and a strong willingness to please. But we also want sensible dogs that will curl up in front of the the T.V and be a child's best friend. To read more about a good working temperament that is also a dog a child can hug, but can engage and protect your family, please read this page: Proven-Temperament page

Health Testing of all parents


German Shepherd Dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia is a significant problem in this breed. That's why all our bitches and stud dogs have O.F.A hip X-rays done before being bred. We also test for degenerative myelopathy , or a canine equivalent form of "Lou Gehrig's" disease in humans, that all dogs are D.M tested.

Home Raised Puppies


The "Super dog program" was developed by the U.S military. It talks about early neurological stimulation of very young pups so that they can develop to their full  potential. We raise our dogs in our home, perform, in a warm and cozy environment, and perform early neurological stimulation to get the best possible performance from these super confident rock star pups. They are exposed to household noises, television, radio, vacuum cleaner, and a variety of surfaces, when old enough, to build confidence and a strong, outgoing attitude

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