Frequently asked questions Part I


Q. What is the typical cost for a puppy?

Before you buy a pup, make sure you are able to make a commitment to dog ownership. As a breeder, we want to make sure our pups are a good match for you and your lifestyle. It's a 12 to 14 year commitment.

Please read this blog post first: 

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It's not all smiles and hugs and belly rubs,but also vet visits, and food and training costs involved." rel="noopener" target="_blank">

A. Our prices range based on the pup and who the parents are. We have 2 lines.  

We have a "performance line" that is higher in drive, that is normally in the $1,800 (limited registration) to $2,500 (full registration) (pure working line) . 

We have more of a "companion line" that is still a true German Shepherd, but with a different degree of hardness and prey drive. The companion line is West German Showline and West German Working line mix, and is in the $1,600 (limited registration) to $1,800 (full registration) The limited A.K.C registration  means (no breeding rights).  Litter-A is the companion line. Litter-B is the performance line.

There is a 10% military or police discount no matter which line. If you title your dog, we give training incentives,as  shown below.  The price includes shots, vet check, wormed, A.K.C  registration with a hip guarantee. We also can offer an extended 9 year health guarantee. We also include a puppy potty training DVD in our puppy care package.

In short, we as a breeder recognize that different people have different needs and expectations,  have two lines and the price depends on whether you are buying from the "performance line" and the parents of that line or the "companion line".  So our price really depends upon which parents were used.  We want the best possible match for our puppies. Our breeding males and females have been O.F.A hip and elbow tested by a Veterinarian specializing in these X-rays.

Our purchase process is further explained on our Puppy Page if you scroll down the page.

Our cost of puppies is further explained on our blog page. Suffice it to say, we don't offer $500 puppies that will then cost $5,000 in vet bills due to bad breeding.

Q. What separates Von Gonta Haus German Shepherds from the average breeder?

A. Von Gonta Huas, in English means "The House of Gonta" German Shepherds".  We went into great detail on this subject on our home page. This is our passion. We seek to produce dogs that have working ability and guarding instinct, yet very social and safe, and with the "kid gene" built-in.  We want calm and sensible dogs that work well in IPO but can also settle well and be good companions.

With the proven record of the German Shepherd Dog in the Seeing Eye, herding, police work, and as family guard and companion, most of us realize that a good shepherd is the best dog we could ever imagine. But how do you go about finding a good one among the sea of poorly bred ones that are so common?  We went to a great deal of detail on this on  our "About Page". We strive toward proven temperament, health, and puppy enrichment.  We have shown you via videos our own dog's and their ancestors' working ability.

However, we don't purely focus on I.P.O capabilities alone. We have two lines, depending on the male and female chosen. One line is more of our "performance line"  with dogs more geared toward working families and the sport of IPO/IGP, or police work, or search and rescue work, that with the right training, (which is key) will develop into strong competition dogs.  We also have a "companion line".  These dogs are also from working lines, but there is also introduction of West German showline blood, provided working ability is present.  This line is not as "hard" as the performance line and has somewhat less energy and more medium prey drive. than high prey . Don't get me wrong these dogs sill have plenty of built in "guarding instinct" built in, and with proper training, can still compete in the sport of I.P.O, but they are just a bit milder than the performance line. It all depends on which combination of parents is chosen and even in the same litter, there is variability among the pups, even from the exact same parents!

Q. Do you ship puppies?

A. Yes! We ship puppies all over the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Q. What is the cost to ship a puppy and is it included in the purchase price?

A. The typical shipping cost on a puppy ranges from $450-$650.00 normal range. This is NOT part of the puppy purchase price. The cost includes air shipping, Vet costs to ship, crate fee, and Vet and Airport trip charges. Puppies shipped outside the USA there will be extra shipping and permit fees about the range stated depending on airlines and country regulations for shipping. Shipping to Europe is $1,000 and up depending on country regulations.

 The higher shipping cost within the U.S usually comes when a buyer wants us to hold the puppy a little longer and housebreak them for them.  The 10-12 week old puppy that has  slightly more weight.  We don't make any money on shipping and encourage you to fly here yourself and pick up the puppy if you prefer.

Q. What is the deposit to hold a selection spot for a puppy?

The deposit is $500.00 nonrefundable, the moment the breeding is announced. The deposit is the same, for a pick pup or a non-pick puppy. A deposit is placed to hold your place in line for a puppy 

and other sales will be turned away because that puppy is spoken for.

If the  litter fails to produce a suitable dog for the buyer, such not their choice of color or gender, the deposit may be transferred to another litter.

All pups must have remaining balance paid in full by the 7th week. They go home on the 8th week.  No pick sports are guaranteed held for anyone or any department without a deposit and a signed deposit form and puppy contract!

If you would like to pay your puppy in full at 8 weeks of age, but for us to train your puppy until 4 months of age with basic house breaking, crate training and socialization, to even keep the puppy until 6 months of age and imprint leash walking an and some basic obedience, please call us and we will be glad to offer additional training up until 4 months or 6 months of age for an additional fee if you so desire.

Q. Where is the kennel located?

A. We are located in Jersey City, N.J.  All visits of pups are by appointment only and only after they 6 weeks of age and medically immunized.

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

5 week old German Shepherd Puppy

Q. Do you take dogs back you have bred?

A. Yes! We first make sure you are fully prepared for dog ownership in our interview process in purchasing a puppy, and are not buying into a 12 or 14 year commitment on the spur of the

moment.  However, we always welcome back puppies and adults that we have bred.  We don't want to see our dogs wind up in animal shelters. We don't give a refund because you changed your mind a few months after you bought your dog, because we assume you made an informed decision. We also understand you haven taken your dog to a trainer if you needed help. But we do understand life events can happen that are beyond your control sometimes. This rarely happens, but unfortunately life events can get in the way. 

In any situation, we are here to offer a home for any of our dogs.

Q. What do you feed your dogs ?

 A. We feed pawTree to our adults, as  kibble, as our 5 Star food. We really believe in this food. . We also add in a vitamin and joint  supplement, plus wild Alaskan salmon oil. Puppies are weaned  onto milk, beef, and kibble mash. By the time they are ready to go to  their new homes, they are eating dry kibble   We offer a 9 year health guarantee if your puppy stays on this food and supplements plan.

Q. Do you offer incentives for titling a puppy?

Our police officers and veterans automatically receive a 10% discount.  But we are especially fond of people that train and title their dogs.   Currently, it is $50 for entry level titles (ex: BH or  PDC) and $100 for higher level titles (ex: IPO1 or PSA1). For anyone who  acquires a master level title (ex: IPO3), we will offer a half price of a  pup out  of a future litter. 

Q. How do you raise your dogs?

We are a small, private breeder of imported working line German Shepherds. Our goal is to produce a versatile dog that can work in the field of IPO and then lie on the couch and be part of the family at the same time,not kenneled dogs.

All of our dogs live inside and are members of our family, therefore we do not have a kennel building and keep a limited number of dogs. This small operation allows us to spend more individual time with each dog and focus on only keeping what we have the time to work and title. Each litter is raised indoors in our "puppy room." We never have more than one litter at a time and not more than two litters in a year. This allows us the maximum time possible to focus on each litter and every individual puppy. 

Q. Do you have A.K.C Certified dogs?

A. Of Course we do! But that's a bare minimum. The A.K.C registration is nothing more than a piece of paper proving the dogs are purebred, and has a closed stud book. It is in no way a certificate of quality or a way for the breeder to comply with the internationally recognized breed standard.  This matters because many, if not most, German Shepherds seen in the U.S are of poor quality and they often suffer from health and temperament issues. Therefore, please do your homework before buying a G.S.D. We don't breed American Showlines.  There are reputable breeders in the U.S who breed to a standard far in excess of the requirements of the America Kennel Club but they are relatively few in number compared to the many breeders who continue to produce mediocre dogs. Germany is the home of the German Shepherd Dog and its German Shepherds are universally recognized as the best in the world. Please continue in order to understand the difference between what is required in Germany to breed a German Shepherd and what is required in the US. That is why we focus on health testing of our dogs with O.F.A and perform the D.M test. That is why we have dogs directly imported from Germany or Netherlands, or one generation removed, from highly credentialed ancestors, to produce the finest dogs possible

Q. Do you have any questions we haven't addressed?

Customers have questions, we have answers. Please call 201-333-7957, leave a message, and we will be glad to discuss any additional information you may need.

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