This is son of Jucan von Peroh, above,  German Champ and is Caro van Brandevoort, the KNPV champion

Caro van Brandevoort

The best of the Dutch bloodlines


SG Caro van Brandevoort 


Sire Born: 05. January   2008
Caro van Brandevoort PH2, KKL1 

Caro van Brandevoort is the son of Jucan Von Peroh, shown above.

It is a very accomplished German Shepherd Dog placing 7th at the 2012 K.N.P.V PH2 nationals & 2nd place national object guarding in 2013.

This is rare to find a German shepherd to even obtain a PH2 title and even more unheard of to place so high at nationals. You have to remember that the Belgian Malinois is the main competitor in this sport in the Netherlands, and to see a German Shepherd perform so well, in a field of talented and well trained Malinois competitors is even a bigger accomplishment.  Caro's protection phase is very impressive to watch, and he is a super striker.  I have to extend a big thanks to his owner in the Netherlands,and the importing of his daughter, Bika Von Gonta Haus (Call name Bailey) would not have been possible if not for the help of Rick Verbruggen, owner and handler of Caro Brandevoort.  This dog is father of our brood bitch Bailey Von Gonta Haus.  He is one of the rare few of German Shepherds to compete in K.N.P.V (The sport that is used to produce police worthy dogs in the Netherlands).  

His mother is also an outstanding bitch:Caro's dam is Ouchie von der Schiffslache KNPV PH2. She is shown below in our females section. Ouchie is a nice producing bitch and is the dam of numerous K.N.P.V and IPO titled German Shepherd dogs. Ouchie is a very rare female German Shepherd to obtain a KNPV PH2 title! Ouchie is the daughter of the famous producer Tyson von der Schiffslache SCH3, LGA sieger, 3x BSP. So Ouchie is the daughter of the 3 time BSP champion and Jucan is himself a 3 time BSP champion. So Caro represents the very best of the German and Netherlands bloodlines.  We are very lucky to have his daugther, imported into the U.S as a 10 week old puppy.

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Please check out some videos of Caro in action:

Video1: Caro at 22 Months

Video2: Caro in Competition


Bourne vom Wolfsfriede

Directly from Germany

 SZ  2255388, AKC/DN37850401
Hip: OFA: Good - Elbows: OFA: Normal
DNA: AKC DNA #V739728
microchip: 276098102898760  

Bourne is the other son of Jucan von Peroh, the 3 time German Champion shown at the very top of the page. He is half brother to Caro van Brandevoort , shown above.   This German Shepherd Dog is the father to our stud dog Jake von Gonta Haus.

Bourne was purchased by his owner directly from Germany, from the Wolfriede Kennel.  He is a personal protection dog and family pet. He is half brother to Caro van Brandevoort.  Although this dog is not titled, he possess the same off the hook prey drive we see from sons of Jucan von Peroh.  On his father's side, like Caro, he is sire is Jucan von Peroh, who himself is son of  V Karn vom Fegelhof . 

On his mother's side, his dam is  Freniz vom RurdamnmV Karn vom Fegelhof . What is notable about Freniz is that she is an accomplished dog as well, titled:  SCHH3 (G-BSP), SG-LGA , and good enough to get a KKL1 score.  KKL1 is a rated Koerklasse 1 (Kkl1) "recommended for breeding", whereas a dog rated KKL2, is "suitable for breeding" .  Not many dogs have the breed warden award this title.

Also notable, is that  Frenzi vom Rurdamm is daughter of Orka vom Erlenbusch, is linebred 3-3 on Mink vom Haus Wittfeldm.

Mink is a very famous dog in the working dog world, and he is said to be a hip improver. He also adds very strong working ability to his progeny. Other notable dogs in the pedigree also include Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich and many other top level dogs.

His pedigree is filled with some of the best known  West German Shepherd Working lines as grandfathers, and great grandfathers on both his father's and dam's side.  

Bourne's pedigree is full of great dogs. He genetically brings forth tremendous working ability, good hips, and a social and safe nature, 

with fantastic prey drive protection dogs

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Videos of Bourne working in protection coming soon