Proven Temperment

Great parents make great puppies

 The Von Gonta Haus puppy, comes from health tested dogs, and   is well  socialized with positive socialization skills, bravery and with confidence. We take pride in our German Shepherd puppies and you should too. Please read the helpful articles on our site, that will aid in the transition of your new puppy to his/her new home, family and environment. You need to bond with your new Von Gonta Haus German shepherd puppy, let him know he is safe and loved. In return, you will enjoy his passion for humans and his unmatched loyalty for his owner, not to mention the dedication to his new family.  

 Our German shepherd puppies are bred from working line parents, and have the correct drives to work well in the sport of I.P.O, and have the correct structure. The working lines  are higher in energy and prey drive and protectiveness than American lines.

The German shepherd puppy will bring you the out-most joy and happiness that you'll ever experience. He is courageous and superior than any other breed.   In looking at purchasing a purebred puppy, you are mainly looking into two qualities: the health of the puppies and their ancestors, and the temperament of the puppies. You want a puppy whose parents were tested for hip dysplasia, and for  dogs that will live a long and healthy life and you also want a puppy that will have a biddable nature, where learning comes as a breeze as you obedience train your dog.  So let's tackle the health issue first. Genetically, if you look at our Ancestor's page,  you will note the pedigrees of many of these dogs have K.K.L 1 titles in their list of titles. What does this mean?    A registered German Shepherd dog that has a Schutzhund degree would have demonstrated sufficient ability as a working dog to qualify for breed evaluation.  The breed evaluation is an in-depth examination of the dog's structure, temperament and pedigree, which requires both a certification of good hip joints and sufficient performance on an endurance test (the AD). Dogs that do well in the breed evaluation receive a Koerklasse I (Kkl1) or Koerklasse II (Kkl2).  This is a recommendation and evaluation by a trained and acknowledged "breed warden" judge who is qualified to certify the worthiness of the dog for breeding. 

  • Dogs rated Koerklasse 1 (Kkl1) "recommended for breeding".
  • hip dysplasia in dogs Dogs rated Koerklasse 2 (Kkl2) are "suitable for breeding

With this method, the process of choosing the select parents, both certified for breeding (KKL-I/KKL-II), will help to maintain or improve the quality of the breed at a top world-class level. The German shepherd puppies born to Schutzhund dams and sired by Schutzhund dogs are more likely to have sound temperament, high intelligence.  We also do O.F.A hip X-rays of our breeding pairs to reduce the chance of hip dysplasia.  The dogs couldn't do all the running in the search of the blind, and protection phase, if they were not physically sound. The dumbbell retrieve over the jumps also tests a dog's jumping ability, which tests their hip health in a sense.  So we are touching on health and temperament in writing this, nearly simultaneously.    Now let's focus on temperament so more. As you have seen from our "Dogs sports and Genetics"  page, we focused heavily in explaining genetics and how the sport of I.P.O, previously called Schutzhund is an important, but not the only barometer in selecting dogs for breeding.  Let's touch on this topic again.   Before a dog is even permitted to enter a Schutzhund competition, that dog must first pass a Temperament and Obedience test called the BH (Begleithunde). For obedience, the dog must heel on and off leash, do a sit and down in motion while the handler walks off, recall off leash from a distance, heel through a crowd, and stay in a long down (15 minutes) with handler away while another dog is working nearby.  That is the obedience phase. In the temperament phase, the dog must not show any aggression when tied out with the handler out of sight, while a jogger runs past, then a bicyclist, and finally a dog.  The test varies according to the judge, but there is also a part which shows how the dog behaves around people, with people crowding around, and so on.  A dog with improper nerve cannot handle it and is thereby weeded out. Looking over the pedigrees of our breeding pairs, you will notice many titles following the dogs’ names. These are the schutzhund titles, SCH I, II, III, FH I, II;  and the IPO I, II, III. These titles indicate that the dog accomplished on the same day, the three phases: tracking, obedience, and protection. Only a dog of balanced drive can achieve this as in the tracking and obedience work different drives are used than in the protection work. The ability of a dog not to break down when given a series of commands, in a long, 15 to 20 minute exercise, combined with the ability to call upon different drives for tracking work (his nose) versus prey and fight drive in protection mode, and so forth, means dogs must be very temperamentally stable to do this kind of work.   The F.H titles are tracking titles requiring supreme obedience and concentration.  When looking at a pedigree, it is the working titles after the dog’s registered name which indicate good temperament for work.Because our breeding program is driven by the work we ourselves our own dogs, it is driven by the desire to have the best dogs for our own work.  As you have already read from our "working dogs as pets" page,  we are essentially describing a very balanced dog: a dog with a good "off switch" that can play with the kids in front of the T.V, and relax, and yet, when on the training grounds, can switch into "work mode" and offer an impressive protection routine. In other words, you will have to provide the training as this is an intelligent breed that truly requires training to maximize its potential, but the genetic ability to do this work will be there.  
A very good article explaining temperament  can be found here:
German Shepherd Guide to Temperment, written by: Joy Tiz MS, JD

I urge you to read it.

This is the sensible dog we're breeding for: not the kennel dog that is only taken out on the training field and then put away, but the family friend, that can also be a fierce protector, with the right training and in the right circumstances. A friend and a protector: the kind of German Shepherd we all grew up dreaming about !