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Vongontahaus and The United Schutzhund Clubs of America have teamed up to provide an archive of the best articles published in U.S.C.A’s magazine. More information about Schutzhund or membership information go to USCA’s website at

High Quality Dog Trainers we recommend:

  1. Mike Dogman, Southern Brooklyn NY. Cell: 917-570-3085
  2. Joe Moldovan Cell: 917-692-3650
  3. Ray Harris, Mooreston NJ, Cell 609-220-0063
  4. Beth Bradley, Newton NJ 973-383-5733

Your Dog Requires Training

Training is mandatory

You own a German Shepherd, one of the very best breeds in the world. Make sure it’s sociable and trained. Take your puppy with you everywhere: the store, the park, around children and around different kinds of surfaces: sand, gravel, cement. Make the puppy comfortable walking up and down a stair case. Make him feel secure and confident. I highly recommend you take your new puppy to a puppy kinder-garden class at the local A.K.C club. For us in the NYC metro area, that is the Staten Island Companion dog club at 75 Ellis Street, in Staten Island NY. I have also listed a number of high quality trainers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania you can use. Training your dog is not optional. You have a powerful and intelligent breed and you’re responsible for training it. There are excellent videos on puppy essentials raising puppies and housebreaking that can be used. Raising your puppy, with Michael Ellis is a good video. How to walk your dog nicely on a leash, or that is to say, loose leash walking is covered very well by the Tyler Muto videos.

Your puppy is a sheep-herding dog. They are wicked smart and wickedly quick learners. They also have something called “prey drive”. So the puppy running after your pant legs, our being mouthy as a puppy, is not aggression: it’ simply the puppy needs an outlet for its prey drive. You as the owner want to redirect the prey drive from non-appropriate objects, to instead, appropriate objects. We find that a ball on a string attached to a broom handle, or a flirt pole, moved along the ground like a mouse, will make your puppy chase it and give it a way to have drive satisfaction. So redirecting prey drive to an appropriate object, instead of inappropriate objects. A good video of how to redirect prey drive toward a ball and later use it as motivator for obedience training is called “Building Drive and Focus” with Barnhard Flinks. Other great videos of using food or toy reward with Michael Ellis exist for your to purchase.

However, the biggest concern is to avoid dog bites. Make sure your dog is highly social and well trained, or you may be paying higher insurance premiums. Dog bites account for more than a third of homeowner or rental liability policy claims last year, with an average claim of $24,840 says the Insurance Institute. Most companies will cover dog bites, but one free bite is all you get. After that, your company will charge you a premium or may exclude your dog from coverage. Some firms require liability waver or charge more for breeds deemed dangerous, such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers…and yes, in some cases, So as as seller of German Shepherd puppies for sale, we are providing you helpful information be a responsible dog owner. Keep an eye on children. Make the dog wear a muzzle in public if you feel it’s needed. Take your dog to a dog trainer. Training videos can help and can educate you a great deal. However, most problems are avoided with good socialization and good foundation training. We highly recommend for training videos. But we even more importantly recommend working with a good dog trainer.

To rear a dog you must complete what the breeder began. The breeder can indeed lay the foundation of a good and serviceable dog, but the owner as trainer must see to it that they bring their dog to the highest possible development of both the physical and mental foundation already laid.

We offer discounts if you train your dog.

The puppy needs to be exposed to the outside world, other people, animals, the movement and noises associated with being away from home, as well as, at the very least, basic obedience training.

This well spent time and commitment at an early stage, will in a short period make you the owner of a well behaved and nice-to-be-with dog. German Shepherd s are naturally protective of their family (pack) and territory. They are extremely loyal. Put in the time to socialize and train your dog and you will have a great friend and companion!

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