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Hello friends. Welcome to our site. We are a German Shepherd Breeder in Northern New Jersey. We offer German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey, USA. I had German Shepherds since the 1980’s and love this breed. Long before I became a breeder, I admired the versatility of this breed, from the ability to work as scent dogs, to the ability to guide the blind, or herd sheep in the tending style . This intelligent breed has been a passion of mine. I have owned many different kinds of pet level and working level dogs over 30+ years, and after a journey of training, and loving many dogs, I decide that I wanted to enter the arena with a genetic bloodline of dogs that people would enjoy and love as family companions and as working dogs. We offer, gorgeous, well-bred European working line German Shepherds. Our dogs are not just any German Shepherds, but are either directly from Europe (Netherlands) or only one generation away from Europe (Germany). We paid to have the best possible bloodlines imported into the U.S, that represents champions in the sport of I.P.O and K.N.P.V lines as working examples of a dog with a working temperament, able to excel at the highest levels. We are a small breeder in Northern New Jersey. We are not a volume producer, and only produce one litter per year.

A responsible breeder is a breeder that does health testing of their dogs prior to breeding, so all our dogs have had Hips and Elbows checked by an O.F.A vet prior to breeding and we do testing for D.M prior to breeding.

We produce the kinds of dogs that we ourselves would love to own. We primarily focus on the West German working lines as our genetic foundation stock. Our dogs are raised in a healthy, loving home environment, not kenneled. Our dogs are the old European Working lines, bred for a highly social and safe nature, but can also work when the occasion calls for it.

We want sensible dogs, gentle around children and pets, friendly and approachable, yet with the courage to offer security to our family and your family, and to handle work with confidence: intelligent, loyal, lovable, yet protective and fierce in the right circumstances, but overall well integrated, loving family members.

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