Uno van de Waltahoeve

Pre-Xray (9 Months) : Back, Elbows & Hyps all in very good shape
Official Medical Xray (RvB +12 Months) : HD-A / ED-Free
Clubmatch: ZG (Working dog -12 Months)
Wesentest : Passed

Uno is an all-black, high drive dog, that is located in the Netherlands. We are very thankful to his  owner  Rick Verbruggen for allowing us to breed to his latest KNPV prospect.
He is a very stable dog, that is both high in drive, but very social and safe at same time.  These are the qualities we look for in our breeding program.
His pedigree is filled with some of the best-known working dogs as grandfathers, grandmothers, and great grandfathers on both his father’s and dam’s side, with primarily the Karthago line, and other notable dogs are  Atto vom Haus Salztalblick,Pepper von Kap Karthago, and of course, Caro van Brandevoort KNPV PH1, KNPV PH2.  Caro is the sire of our female Bailey, and Caro is great grandfather to Uno.  Therefore, :Uno is  grand-nephew of Bailey.
He brings forth an interesting pedigree.  On his sire’s side, ( Roci van de Waltahoeve) who is grandson of Caro van Brandevoort.  In turn, Caro is son of Jucan von Peroh, and in turn, Jucan is son of  Karn vom Fegelhof.  Therefore, Karn is a great-great grandfather to Uno.  Considering he lived over 20 years ago, his presence is still felt in the great working dogs of today. On Uno’s mother’s side, Syta van de Waltahoeve, we again go back to   Karn vom Fegelhof, but this time not via his famous son Jucan von Peroh and Grandson Caro van Brandevoort, but via a different route, namely, his other son, Orlo von der neuen Klus.  So we see Karn 5 generations back on both the sire side and dam’s side. Although this is far in the past, having both Jucan and Caro on his father’ side, and their common ancestor, Karn vom Fegelhof on the dam’s side, means we are continuing the legacy of the Karn/Jucan/Caro legacy in our bloodlines.
So his pedigree represents interesting existing line breeding: 
  •      5 – 4 V Karn vom Fegelhof SCHH3, IPO3, BSPx2, LGAx4 (Sieger                      2006, Vice Sieger 2005)
  •       5 – 5 V Tyson von der Schiffslache SCHH3, IPO3, (3 X BSP)                
When paired with one of our daughter’s, of Bailey’ Von Gonta Haus, who is daughter of Caro von Brandervoort and grand-daughter of Jucan von Peroh herself, we are continuing the bloodline via Mendel’s genetics, of bringing forth the best KNPV bloodline dogs and Schutzhund dogs together.
We are one of the few breeders in the US that carries the Jucan von Peroh bloodline and has this dog, and his father, Karn vom Fegelhof, in so many of our dogs to carry forth their genetic legacy.

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