Daugther of Jake and Bailey

Lucy von Gonta Haus,
Sire: Jake von Gonta Haus
Dam: Bailey Von Gonta Haus,

Lucy is a puppy we kept from Litter-A in our breeding program. She is very affectionate and loyal. She has her father’s high ball drive/prey drive, and a strong desire to please.

She is the granddaugther INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Caro Von Brandevoort and Bubbels van de Geldersepoort. She is great grand-daughter of Jucan von Peroh. She is in training for her B.H. and later her IGP-1 She brings a pure working line performance pedigree from her mother and father. She is also a grand-daughter of Jucan von Peroh, the 3 time German National Champion. She is line bred on Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz,grandfather to Jucan von Peroh. She has a very sweet lovable personality. She loves to please and is a pleasure to work with. With her drive for toys and treats, she is easy to train. She loves to play fetch. Her food drive and prey drive is off the hook. She has beautiful structure, with large bones and superb classic black and tan coloring, great chest and shoulder proportions and a perfect top-line. She is on the smaller side as a female. Lucy is a German Shepherd female that is very social and safe with kids, dogs, cats and all those who she meets. Very environmentally sound and possessing strong nerve and level head.

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