From Jannice Jeanne:
When my dog passed away, I was very heart broken. I looked for a high quality working line breeder, and I was willing to drive all the way from Pittsburgh, P.A to Jersey City, NJ for the right pup. Would highly recommend this breeder. Has extensive knowledge about the breed and excellent bloodline working dogs. Great communication before and after I purchased my pup. He kept me fully informed even when the pups were still in their mother’s belly, and sent video updates regularly as the puppies were growing. Have already recommended him to friends for future litters..


From Brett Hunter
I was looking for a high quality male dog that would not be overly dominant and live well with my adult female boxer. I also have trained sport dogs before and I wanted a dog with enough drive, that he could be trained in the IPO/IGP work as necessary. Plus, truth be told, I proposed to my girlfriend and I wanted a dog to be part of our new family, because my female Boxer was always my dog, and I thought what better way to propose than to pop the question and a gorgeous all black pup lick her face that will be part of our family. Enzo turned out great, with good working drives and an excellent off switch allowing him to settle and just relax as we watch T.V. Alex of VonGontaHaus kennels was great to work with every step of the way.


Kelly Leigh
It was great to have someone understand exactly what we were looking for in a dog. My husband is a police officer and knows a lot about working dogs, but as a mom, I wanted a dog that first and foremost would be a terrific family member, and safe with our kids. We are an active family and wanted a dog that was built correctly, anatomically, that could go hiking or family trips. We didn’t want to see a dog with the over-angulated rear you find in the American Showlines. We wanted a dog with an excellent off switch, that although she could be trained in dog sports, but could settle well and be a well adjusted family dog. We met Alex via his Facebook advertising and decided to visit. We couldn’t be happier with our smart girl.


From Rachel Davidova:
I would like to share my experience with the most knowledgeable breeder I ever met . Alex is not only a great breeder but also has great personality. He is very easy to talk to, he will generously share his knowledge and answer any questions.

Puppies come from health tested for hips and elbows, which is common in this breed. Breeder genetically tests his dogs before breeding. Dogs look the correct European style German Shepherds I grew up with. Breeder works by contract and is as careful in selecting his future pet parents as he is in selecting the best possible match for each family. He really cares about where his pups end up. He also recommends sport dog trainers to people in their respective area.

Alex provides support after purchase and stays in touch with each family and becomes a family friend.


From Mark Kozlowski
When I was looking to get a dog the search is always difficult. When looking for a German Shepherd the search is even harder. So many different lines such as American, DDR, Western German Show Line, Czech lines, Western German Working lines. Then their are colors from black and tan, sable, red and black, bi-color and the list goes on and on. I knew I wanted a working line GSDS as my last female was a sable working line. But as a father of kids, and many family members that come over that have kids, I wanted to make sure that the breeding was not an “over the top” dog, that comes from lines that score great, in terms of points, but are not necessarily family friendly. I wanted that perfect mix of working drives, yet a dog safe and social enough to be with kids.

At the same time, I wanted a healthy, steady, social and eager dog. I called several breeders before contacting Alex and its always a daunting process of asking health and temperament related questions without offending the breeder while also gathering enough info to weed out the puppy mill dogs, or those pet breeders that do breeding without purpose. Alex also provides a ton of after sales support. He gives names of trainers he knows, that are sport helpers, or who train obedience. Seems like he knows a lot of people in the dog community of the NY/NJ/PA area, and when you buy a working line dog, it is indeed a community. I wanted a dog that is not overly assertive, and medium in drive, that will get along well with my Brittany Spaniel. I was very fortunate in that I received just that!